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Italian Ice Questions

Below are a few Italian ice questions that we are asked on a frequent basis. If you do not find the answer you seek, please contact us here »

What is Carolina Quench?

Carolina Quench is a Premium soft frozen dessert. It is a unique blend of real fruit, fruit juices and pure cane sugar and water. It is an Italian Ice but not in the traditional sense. It is dairy free, fat free, cholesterol free and gluten free. There are no added preservatives or colorings so there is no artificial aftertaste.

How is Carolina Quench different from regular Italian Ice?

Most Italian Ices are made from a “base” and then add flavoring, usually artificial. Many use high fructose corn syrup as sweetener instead of pure cane sugar. Carolina Quench Premium Italian Ice uses only the finest and freshest ingredients including real fruit and fruit juices for flavoring and pure cane sugar, we then blend the ingredients and freeze to a perfect consistency. It is made daily in small batches to insure freshness and quality. One taste and you will know why people come back time after time and say that Carolina Quench is

Is Carolina Quench a franchise?

While franchising offers many benefits we have found that other methods of ownership are less restrictive and more affordable. We have several different options of ownership in your own Carolina Quench business but each option allows you more flexibility, less restrictions and greater potential for profits than franchising. Call us today to explore ownership opportunities.

How can I start my own Carolina Quench business?

There are several ways to start your own CQ business. Based on numerous factors that we consider to determine the best form of ownership or customize a plan to get you started. With any plan you choose CQ will be with you every step of the way providing you with all the training, advertising and support so you can take full advantage of our years of experience. Contact us today and to discuss your options so you can be the first to start selling Carolina Quench Premium Italian Ice in your area.

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CAROLINA QUENCH – We offer premium Italian ice in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas of the Grand Strand. Our delicious Italian ice is sold in the following flavors: lemon, strawberry, key lime, mango/peach, blue raspberry, pina colada, pineapple, cherry, orange dreamsicle and green apple. Carolina Quench Italian ice can be found at various locations across the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach.